Stream Blood Orange’s new album Freetown Sound now

Now that’s the kind of news we like waking up to…

The long-awaited third album from Dev Hynes’ Blood Orange project is streaming now across all major services. The album, entitled Freetown Sound was scheduled for release later this week (1 July) but it looks like Hynes has been kind enough to share it a few days early.

The album is named after Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone where Hynes’ father was born, and opens with a powerfully delivered monologue on black identity and body image. Guest vocalists include Debbie Harry, Ava Raiin and Bea1991 while the iconic New York ballroom film Paris is Burning is sampled heavily as are KRS-One and the author Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Freetown Sound is available on a deluxe 2xLP vinyl, which will arrive with an extra 10” record featuring the 2015 songs Do You See My Skin Through the Flames? and Sandra’s Smile.

You can find a list of ways to stream the album here or, if you have Spotify, you can stream it in the player below.


01. By Ourselves
02. Augustine
03. Chance
04. Best to You
05. With Him
06. E.V.P.
07. Love Ya
08. But You
09. Desirée
10. Hands Up
11. Hadron Collider
12. Squash Squash
13. Juicy 1-4
14. Better Than Me
15. Thank You
16. I Know
17. Better Numb