Explore all of Prince’s official websites in a new online archive

A new timeline maps The Purple One’s digital footprint from Prince Interactive to 3rdEyeGirl’s first website

We know that Prince was a musical, sexual and cultural innovator. Now a new timeline shows he was a digital pioneer, too.

Starting in 1994 with Prince Interactive (a CD-Rom that was included with underground film, The Beautiful Experience), The Prince Online Museum sees the artist toy with new ways of reaching his audience through a computer screen.

In conversation with Billboard, Sam Jennings, director of the Prince Online Museum, said: “We launch with 12 of Prince’s most popular sites, but over 20 years online, Prince launched nearly 20 different websites, maintained a dozen different social media presences, participated in countless online chats and directly connected with fans around the world. This Museum is an archive of that work and a reminder of everything he accomplished as an independent artist with the support of his vibrant and dedicated online community.”

Check out the Prince Online Museum here.