Get the first look at Bricc Baby’s trippy visual for Pull Up

Bricc Baby is an LA rapper, but Atlanta shaped the artist he is today.

After relocating from the West Coast to go to school and play ball in Atlanta in 2003, Bricc (who’s formerly used names such as Bricc Baby Shitro, MPA Shitro and just plain old Shitty) would embrace the city’s street life and music scene. It was there he met the likes of Gucci Mane and Future and developed tight affiliations with Young Thug, Young Scooter, Kid Ink, Peewee Longway and Duke.

Now back in LA, Bricc Baby’s most recent mixtape Nasty Dealer 2 boasts an impressive cast of guests such as 21 Savage, Ty Dolla $ign, Fetty Wap, Lil Durk as well as Gucci, Peewee and Young Thug, and legend has it that him and his crew pretty much invented the dab.

We’re premiering the video for Pull Up – a brooding, intense track from Nasty Dealer 2 that showcases Bricc Baby’s syrupy flow and the coarse texture of his voice. Check out the video above and read a quick Q&A with Bricc below.

So firstly, we’re premiering the video for Pull Up. How would you describe the vibe of the track?
Pull Up is a more trippy trappin’ vibe. Like whatever you do, whether it some females, a lick, the studio, or juug, you gotta pull up, that’s what you’re seeing.

Can you tell us a little about your involvement with Peewee Longway, Young Thug and that whole circle in Atlanta?
I turned Atlanta blue, and in the midst of me doing so I got involved with the Zone three scene and BMF scene, and Peewee just happened to stick with me, and Thug is from his hood so…

And at what point did you decide to take music seriously and pursue it as full time career?
When I got out of jail in 2013, and Kid Ink had got his deal and Peewee was fuckin’ with Guwop I said “it’s go time”.

Do you feel as if your vocal style is more influenced by the ATL music scene than LA hip-hop?
I say both. That’s why I feel I got my on lane I’m a real factor in Los Angeles and [I] took the sauce to Atlanta, and they can’t stop eating up so we turned to California, you dig?

You’ve got some huge names on Nasty Dealer 2 – Ty Dolla $ign, Gucci Mane, Fetty Wap etc. Why do you think these guys want to work with you?
I’m the streets, everybody wanna fuck wit the streets. Shit, if u ain’t scared to pull up on my side, shit, I fuck with you cause when I’m in your city I’m poppin’, ask about me.

What are your ambitions as an artist? Are you looking to break the mainstream, or are you more focused on the underground?
I just want the world to hear my story, you hear me?

And finally, who are the hardest rappers in LA and in Atlanta right now?
Future, 21 Savage, Peewee Longway, Thug, Quavo, Gucci, YFN Lucci. In LA: YG Nipsey, Mozzy, Snoop, Kurupt, the whole BriccCity. I ain’t wit no positive Million Man March shit, everybody that tries to make peace gets knocked off. Nasty Dealer 2 out now go get that.