fabric’s founder wants to pioneer a new era of safe clubbing

“Our aim is to set a new industry gold standard for safe clubbing.” co-founder Cameron Leslie is committed to the future of fabric

Cameron Leslie, the co-founder of threatened Farringdon nightclub fabric has spoken out about his plans for the future of the club. Leslie has said he wishes to help usher in a new era of safe clubbing and feels that fabric are a brilliantly place institution to do so pointing out that when the club opened they were front runners in their approach to drug policy. “We were pioneering in the way in which we worked hand in hand with the council and police when we opened 17 years ago.” He said, “We established honest and transparent procedures never before seen, something we are incredibly proud of.”

Leslie went on to warn that the closing of fabric could be the start of a chain reaction of club closures in London. “Closing fabric will be the beginning of the end for clubbing in London, which is already under threat. In light of recent tragic events, we’re independently reviewing all our processes and have already proposed substantial changes to the police and to Islington Council – our aim is to set a new industry gold standard for safe clubbing.” He wrote before adding, “Venues like fabric face huge challenges in tackling drugs but as an experienced operator, with a strong track record and which is willing to invest, we are best placed to pioneer new ways of working that will keep people safer. We hope the council and the police will support these efforts on the 6th and allow us to remain open.”

Leslie’s statement follows comments made on the subject by the recently elected Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Khan has said he wants to work with fabric, Islington Council and the Met Police to ensure that sensible measures are taken to keep clubbing safe. His comments follow the deaths of two teenagers in the club which have led to the potential closure.