Frank Ocean to release Boys Don’t Cry on Friday

The long-awaited follow up to Frank Ocean’s lauded 2012 album Channel Orange is due to hit the Apple Music store on Friday 5 August

Frank Ocean’s longtime collaborator and fellow Odd Future affiliate Tyler, The Creator has confirmed that Ocean’s new album Boys Don’t Cry will be available to Apple Music users this Friday (5 August). The rapper Tweeted the news this morning via his Golf Media account and have since been able to confirm that the album will be dropping at the end of this week (5 August).

Boy’s Don’t Cry is Frank Ocean’s first album since his much lauded 2012 effort Channel Orange. It has been repeatedly delayed since it was initially announced back in July 2015 making it one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

The New York Times report that an anonymous source with knowledge of the release plans has told them that the album will initially only be available through Apple Music before being made available on other streaming services after two weeks. Ocean is also expected to drop his new zine, also entitled Boys Don’t Cry at the same time.

The announcement follows an enigmatic showing from Frank Ocean over the last two days. Yesterday the singer live streamed a video of himself in a workshop lathing wood and cutting metal poles to a soundtrack of ambient music and general background noise causing Twitter to go into meltdown. Since then he has been streaming footage of the same workshop but Ocean is no longer present.