V/Vm is back, get ready for more twisted covers

Leyland James Kirby, the artist responsible for haunting meat-themed covers of Lady In Red and Take My Breath Away, is back and he says “Nobody is safe”

You may not have heard of Leyland James Kirby’s V/Vm project but if you’ve heard his twisted cover of Chris De Burgh’s beige anthem Lady in Red then you most definitely won’t have forgotten it. Kirby is best known for his ambient project The Caretaker but, for a brief period he was known as V/Vm. The project encompassed a live iteration – Kirby punishing audiences with harsh noise whilst dressed as gorilla, a series of seriously dark cover versions and a project entitled HelpAphexTwin which somehow found its way onto the shelves of record stores filed under the Aphex Twin section.

Kirbay announced the new of his return yesterday, on Facebook, saying “V/Vm is back and ready for business. Remember the old slogan ‘nobody is safe’. I’m bringing that idea right back out to play soon with music nobody wants or needs. Call this a pre-warning.”

More recently V/Vm released a project called Death of Rave which explored the idea that dance music has lost its edge. It features snippets of early rave tracks slowed down, battered and beaten out of shape to paint a disturbing, dystopian picture of a bygone era of ecstatic raving. Deep eh?

Revisit some of V/Vm’s greatest, erm, hits in the players below.

(Via: FACT)