Daniel Avery to mix the next DJ-Kicks

The London-based DJ serves up techno from Slam, Planetary Assault Systems and more on his DJ-Kicks compilation

London’ Daniel Avery is the latest DJ to step up to the DJ-Kicks mantel. The producer and selector has chosen to delve into the hypnotic outer reaches of techno with tracks from the likes of Planetary Assault Systems, Rrose, Artefakt and IORI bolstering the mix’s kick heavy vibe. Avery has also offered up three of his own original productions for the mix including a Rrose remix of Sensation, DJ-Kicks exclusive A Mechanical Sky and a track from his Rote collaboration with Volte-Face called Look In Your Eyes.

Check out the full tracklist from Avery’s DJ-Kicks below, grab a copy via !K7 and be sure to catch him when he plays Simple Things Festival this year.


01. In Aeternam Vale – Soundscape I
02. Daniel Avery – Sensation (Rrose Remix)
03. Shlømo – Vertigo
04. Planetary Assault Systems – Dungeon
05. Ekserd – Hidden Document II (Svreca Remix)
06. BLNDR – Untitled 3 (Modvs Remix)
07. Ulwhednar – Stortorget
08. Artefakt – The Fifth Planet
09. Post Scriptum – Donbelief
10. JP Enfant – Sirens
11. IORI – Maya // Rote – Look In Your Eyes
12. Lewis Fautzi – Blood
13. Daniel Avery – A Mechanical Sky (DJ-Kicks)
14. Slam – Cirklon Bells (Edit-Select Remix)
15. Daniel Avery – Space Echo