The future of Glastonbury might be under threat

According to Michael Eavis the festival’s move to Longleat is unlikely to happen putting the festival’s future viability into question

Earlier this year rumours that Michael Eavis and co were moving Glastonbury Festival away from its Somerset home had the internet up in arms. Today, Eavis has said that the move is probably not going to happen. His fears arose due to a disagreement between Lord Bath and his son Viscount Weymouth over excess mud on site that could potentially lead to normal operations being closed for up to three months.

“Longleat probably won’t happen anymore,” Eavis told The Telegraph, “Lord Bath is really keen. I went to him because I knew him when he was a boy. But he and his son aren’t agreeing, and they don’t speak very much, so it’s hard to make decisions. I haven’t been able to sit down with all of them at the same time.”

The Telegraph article also reports that Eavis has said he, “fear[s] for Glastonbury”. These comments are probably due to the fact that Glastonbury will have to find a new site and get ready to move there in just three years putting the viability of future editions of Glastonbury at risk.