Listen to Moscoman’s debut album A Shot In The Light now

The Berlin-based producer serves up 8 tracks of dazed house and techno on his debut album A Shot In The Light

Here’s a treat for your Thursday afternoon, Moscoman’s hotly-anticipated debut album. A Shot In The Light‘s first track Nineteen Eighty-Two opens with a hollow peal of synthetic tuned percussion and rolls into a snappy embrace of skittering 4/4 kicks and clicks paired with cold fluttering melodic keys. The album is marked by eclectic experimentation, spectral synths and bouncing basslines. Sound good? Well, lucky for you we’re hosting the first listen.

Moscoman’s A Shot In The Light comes a year since the Tel Aviv-born, Berlin-based producer landed at ESP Institute and as all good debut album’s should it certainly brings together all the elements of his early EPs that are putting Moscoman’s sound on the map. A Shot In The Light will be released tomorrow (Friday 23 September) via ESP Institute, you can listen to the whole thing below and preorder the vinyl or digital release via Juno.