Tory minister claims he likes Skepta, can’t name a single track

Matt Hancock, the Tory minister for culture, claimed “we listen to it in the back of the minesterial car.” but struggled to remember what ‘it’ is

According to The Mirror the Tory minister for culture, Matt Hancock, fumbled when he was asked to name just one of Skepta’s songs after he claimed to be a big fan of the grime MC following his Mercury win. “I’ve just met Skepta, why wouldn’t I be here?” Hancock reportedly said at the Mercury’s afterparty, “We listen to it in the back of the ministerial car.”

As it transpired the minister had to turn to his aide Jonathan when questioned about his favourite track saying, “Jonathan. Help me out here.” Before Jonathan replied, “Shutdown.”

Skepta won the Mercury for his 2016 album Konnichiwa which we reviewed when it was released earlier this year. You can revisit our 2015 cover feature with Skepta here.