CW/A share new track Hidden Temple

The Italian techno duo have dropped a crackling roller inspired by global trends towards mass surveillance

CW/A the duo made up of Italian producers Clockwork and Avatism have just shared a new cut from their upcoming EP Ringleader. The pair told Crack Magazine that the track is inspired by “The lack of privacy in the age of Instagram, Snowden and Kim Kardashian.” Before adding, “Okay maybe not Kim Kardashian.”

Whatever the track is about it certainly brings the terror with its uncomfortable, skittering drums and peaking synths offset by layers of rumbling sub frequencies. A nervous soundtrack for the impending technological apocalypse.

CW/A’s new album Ringleader is released digitally on 28 October and on 12″ vinyl on 16 December via Parachute Records. You can listen to Hidden Temple in the player below.