New documentary to chronicle Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

Sacred Bones and Dais are seeking funding to produce a film following the story of Genesis P-Orridge’s band Psychic TV and their cult-like following

A Message From the Temple is a new documentary film following one of rock music’s most devoted, and sometimes scary, fanbases – Thee Temple ov Pyschick Youth. The Jacqueline Castel-directed film will attempt to chronicle the group, who were brought together as a sort of ‘anti-cult’ influenced by the music of Genesis P-Orridge’s 80s band Psychic TV.

The group’s often extroverted practices led to Genesis P-Orridge’s home being raided by Scotland Yard and saw the Temple linked to ritual satanic abuse which was reported in many major newspapers and was the subject of national TV documentaries during their prominent period in the 80s. Mostly, P-Orridge set up the group as a sort of subversive art experiment which arguably ended up getting out of hand.

The film is being produced by the record labels Sacred Bones and Dais who are currently attempting to raise funds via Kickstarter. Incentives for those who donate include a copy of the group’s manifesto Thee Psychick Bible autographed by Genesis P-Orridge, signed Psychic TV test pressings, a Skype call with P-Orridge, a Tibetan bullet necklace, a TOPY haircut from P-Orridge’s original clippers (conducted by the filmmakers), and producer credits. There are also various items of clothing, TOPY membership cards, stickers, patches, earrings, metal badges, LPs, tote bags, VHS tapes and more up for grabs.

In addition to the Kickstarter there will also be a fundraising night for the documentary in New York on 15 October which will include screenings of some of the Temple’s original films and a discussion with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Tom Headbanger, Paul “Bee” Hampshire and Pieter Schoolwerth. For more information on the film head over to their official website or watch the trailer above.