Vice and Lynx explore Russia’s teen rave scene in new mini-doc

A new mini-doc courtesy of Vice and Lynx explores Russia’s underground rave scene, as told by its key players.

As part of Thump’s Night Visions series, the film documents the individualist principles that drive the movement. Inspired by the cutting-edge ideals of ‘90s rave culture in the UK, Kira Borisova and Viktor Eroshenko – the founders of the movement – share their thoughts on how they managed to reignite a sense of free-spirited identity among the teenaged youth. The scene is called ‘Skotoboinya’, Russian for “Slaughterhouse”.

Following on from their film on New York’s ballroom movement, the film showcases a scene where rave takes on the role of self-expression and a means for self-discovery. Check out the full documentary below.