A new Burial EP leaked this weekend

Burial New EP

The record was sold “accidentally” on Black Friday in Toronto’s Sonic Boom Records

Hyperdub are apparently “Not happy” that a handful of copies of Burial’s unannounced, upcoming EP were sold in a Canadian record store this weekend. The 12″, entitled Young Death, was apparently shipped to the store with a label that read “Artist / Title” and with no instructions. Naturally, staff assumed it was a secret Black Friday listing and put it on sale.

“[The box the records came in] said ‘artist/title,’” Says Sonic Boom buyer Blair Whitmore. “We assumed it was a Black Friday secret listing. It wasn’t really clear to us that we weren’t supposed to be selling it.” Adding that he got a call from Hyperdub the next day to be told they were not pleased with the sales.

The record almost immediately found its way on to Discogs with sellers listing two songs Young Death and Nightmarket. It is not yet clear when the record will be available to buy commercially. Watch this space.