Watch Dean Blunt and Yung Lean’s new Fronto Kings video

The pair walk through a wintery Stockholm in the ecco2k directed clip

Dean Blunt and Yung Lean have just dropped a mysterious video called Fronto Kings. The clip seems to be a backdrop for a montage of songs. The beats sound like they were made by Blunt and both artists share vocal duties on the sparse, melancholy tracks.

As usual when it comes to Blunt there’s pretty much zero information to go on regarding the project but Yung Lean is using a variation on his real name, Jonatanleandoer127, and there’s a reference to Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights a track that Blunt has previously sampled – in the video description.

The clip is directed by English / Swedish Sad Boys affiliate ecco2k and sees Blunt and Leandoer walking through a wintery Stockholm as nostalgic, gaudy graphics flash across the screen.

Watch the video above.