ThisisDA navigates animated dystopia in his video for The Sufferbus

The Bristol-based MC has recruited animator Antonia Blakeman for a trippy, dreamlike video for his lo-fi rap jam The Sufferbus

Fast-rising Bristolian rapper ThisisDA has returned with a brand new video. The Antonia Blakeman-directed clip is a trip into an animated, dystopian dream that centres on DA attempting to grip on to a giant spinning coin. We spoke to the video’s director to find out more.

“In early discussions we pictured ThisisDA ‘slipping and gripping’ on a coin and [collaborator] Kenneth said that in Chinese culture, the coin symbolised a wish.” Says Blakeman. “This led me on to think of making a wish in a well, but there is something dark about throwing your wish into water, you are drowning it in many ways. I imagined ThisisDA still on the coin being thrown into a gutter, as we don’t really have well’s in the traditional sense anymore. I imagined him being separated from his wish. We see that if he had gone another way, he would have quickly been brought to a treasure of riches.”

The video progresses into a rich tapestry of distorting dreamlike visuals that sit neatly alongisde ThisisDA’s anxious, lo-fi flow and Eyedress’s deep and fuzzy beats on The Sufferbus.

Check out the video in the player above.