Brian Eno clarifies ‘The Guardian’ interview comments on Trump, Brexit

Brian Eno clarifies comments

“So: may I make something absolutely clear: I think Donald Trump is a complete disaster”

Three days ago, The Guardian published a lengthy interview with Brian Eno. The headline, which ran, “We’ve been in decline for 40 years – Trump is a chance to rethink” caused controversy. Likewise, some of his remarks within the article, saying that he was “pleased” about Trump coming to power “because it gives us a kick up the arse” have been widely circulated on the internet.

This afternoon (26 January), the ambient pioneer took to Facebook to distance himself from the headline and offer some clarification on his comments.

Speaking about the headline, he said: “I didn’t use those words in that way (as reading the article would make clear), and they’ve been taken (particularly by some American websites) to suggest that I support Trump. Anybody familiar with my views will know that this is not true.

“So: may I make something absolutely clear: I think Donald Trump is a complete disaster,” he continues. “And Brexit is a disaster too. That said, what I think is an even greater disaster is that we in the US and the UK – and increasingly the rest of the world – live inside political systems that can produce absurd results like these.”

The statement also took aim at the “openly biased media organisations” who are “more concerned about revenue and ratings than giving the public real information”.

Eno concludes by readdressing his original sentiment – that Trump’s rise to power and Brexit are galvanising events: “My feeling is that a Clinton presidency (or even a ‘remain’ vote in Britain), though more comfortable in the short term, wouldn’t have dealt with the fundamental problems that beset both our political systems. Trump has proven beyond doubt that the system is broken, so let’s fix it.”

You can read the full statement below: