David Byrne talks about a Talking Heads reunion

Don’t get your hopes up for a Talking Heads reunion for the time being.

In an interview with The Creative Independent about his upcoming virtual reality art exhibition, Byrne discussed the prospect of a reunion with Brandon Stosuy. His comments make the reunion seem unlikely, keen to continue trying new things and embrace other projects. Check out his full comment below.

“For example, a Talking Heads reunion might be incredibly successful for a specific generation, or maybe for many generations. It would make me a lot of money and get a lot of attention. It would also probably be quite a number of steps backwards as far as being perceived as someone who does a lot of different things. For that reason, I feel like I have to sacrifice something, whether it’s money or name recognition or whatever, in order to be able to do a little bit more of what I’d want to do. In other words, you can’t have it all.”

Read the full conversation here. Find out more about Byrne’s Neurosociety project (a collaboration with Mala Gaonkar) in this piece from The New York Times.