Arca unveils a new video for the track Reverie

In which he’s portrayed as a bleeding matador

Lensed by longtime collaborator Jesse Kanda, Arca has shared the visual for Reverie today (16 March) a track from his upcoming self-titled album, which is set to be released via XL Recordings on 7 April.

The clip portrays the producer and vocalist as a wounded matador with mechanical legs. Scenes depict the artist singing whilst balancing on his legs against a background of saturated shades of pink. Injured, he smears his blood on his skin and bleeds on falling petals.

In the press notes, the artist explains the visual’s symbolic intent. “Bullfighting is a piercing metaphor: you are fighting a bull, and at the same your self. You are not the victim or the oppressor, you are both – Animality and bestiality are conflated,” he says. “Evoking sex invokes our animality… And evoking our animality, in turn, invokes spirituality.”

Watch the video above.

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