Berghain’s wall mural is going on sale

Piotr Nathan’s 82-foot wide artwork will be sold in fragments at €500 per piece

Standing at 16 feet high and 82 feet wide, Nathan’s wall mural Rituals of Disappearance is set to be renovated.

The artist has planned for each square of the artwork to be sold separately so no one can own the entire piece, and the sale will run from today (17 March) through to 17 April.

The artist explains his intent behind selling the artwork in fragments: “Rituals Of Disappearance is only to be fully understood in the context of the music at the club, the people who celebrate there, and the unique aura of the space.”

He adds, “To me it is therefore conclusive to dissolve the work and distribute it primarily among the people who have a connection with the Berghain. The work as a whole is constructed of single plates and will be dissolved and sold in fragments… It is my wish for the panels to find their places in the homes of the guests who have celebrated in the club.”

The work was originally inaugurated with the club’s opening in 2004.

What the mural will be replaced with is currently unknown – and so, the speculation begins.

(via Resident Advisor)