Ed Sheeran responds to woman jailed for playing Shape Of You on repeat

Ed Sheeran

Turns out her neighbours didn’t want to listen to his hits on loop

Earlier this week, Sonia Bryce – who claims she “doesn’t even like Ed Sheeran” – was jailed for eight weeks due to noise complaints from her neighbours.

Previously, Bryce had been jailed for six weeks over Christmas after breaching a court order to keep the noise down.

However, the tipping point came when she played Ed Sheeran’s latest single on repeat for approximately half an hour.

Judge Gregory stated at her sentencing: “You have displayed nothing but violent animosity towards your neighbour.”

“I am quite convinced that you do not care tuppence about the effect that your behaviour has upon perfectly decent and respectable people next door.”

Yesterday, on Good Morning Britain, interviewer Richard Arnold asked the singer-songwriter how he felt about the sentence.

Ed Sheeran responded with: “I mean it’s obviously not awesome she is going to prison but I do think it’s awesome that, like, it’s now got to a point that someone has actually been jailed for playing my music.”

(via Digital Spy)