God Colony – Turn My G Down ft. Stash Marina

“We found Stash on YouTube, a friend showed us her track SuperFragile. She’s an amazing storyteller, with this beautiful, aggressive melancholy about her.” Over email, London-based production duo God Colony discuss their collaboration with Massachusetts rapper Stash Marina. “We’ve never actually met – we just email and DM about lyrics and beats. Feels like we know her – a lot of time in our studio is spent listening to her stories.”



On Turn My G Down, God Colony position Stash on a glassy, aqueous-sounding instrumental. Her effortless flow rolls and fades like the drift of the tide. “I kept playing the track and mumbling a melody for the chorus. At the same time thinking about all the things I’m mad at.” Stash tells us, “The way people look at me, the way people question my intelligence, the constant battle in my head about how much I should or could prove myself. When you think about this shit it boils up to a point like, fuck it – its not gonna stop. From there the lyrics came together.”



To create the accompanying visual, God Colony teamed up with NTS Radio and director Jacob Chabeaux to produce this transfixing, sinuous moving image of motion of flow. Chabeaux says of the creative vision, “I’ve worked with God Colony since the very beginning. This was a way to bring to life the still imagery that I’ve created before as well as sculpting an emotional landscape that ebbs and echoes with that of the music.”



The video is part of an ongoing collaboration between God Colony and NTS, feature a mini-series of AV projects. Find out more about that here.



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