IMDb adds F rating for female-inclusive films

The added search function allows users to find films written by, directed by and starring women

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has taken a step to celebrate and identify women in film. The search category has been added to allow for the identification of female-inclusive films. Already, the rating has been added to over 21,000 titles with one or more female directors and titles featuring complex female characters in major roles. Those that include all three elements are given a triple F rating.

The F rating was first founded in 2014 by Bath Film Festival executive director Holly Tarquini, after finding inspiration from the Bechdel test – a system that rates films based on the criteria of featuring two female characters that talk about topics other than a man or boy. The aim of the F rating, according to Tarquini, was to “support women in film and change the stories we see on screen”.

Over 40 film festivals and cinemas already feature the category, and now IMDb has followed suit.

Tarquini explains to the Guardian, “This is important because films by and featuring women often have significantly less spent on promotion, so they are more difficult for audiences to find”.

You can view the full list here.

(via The Guardian)