Lee Gamble preps acoustic composition with the London Contemporary Orchestra

The experimental producer has been commissioned by the British Council

Last night (2 March), it was announced by curator and composer Shiva Feshareki on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction that, along with the British Council’s arts sector, she’s commissioned experimental Lee Gamble and music concrète artist Éliane Radigue to create two new acoustic songs.

Gamble will be working with the London Contemporary Orchestra for his composition. For the Pan affiliate, it’s a big change as this will be his first ever acoustic piece.

Pioneering musician Radigue started making music in the 50s. But it was really in the 70s that she was first introduced to a synthesiser, leading to the artist producing electronic tracks in a New York studio. Described as meditative, her slow minimalist style has earned her recognition as a pioneer in the electronic music scene.

You can listen to Feshareki’s session with Late Junction here.

Check out Gamble’s announcement on Facebook below.