Mister Saturday Night launch Kickstarter for Brooklyn venue

Mister Saturday Night, the iconic New York City party and label founded by Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin, have unveiled plans to launch a new indoor space at their Ridgewood bar and restaurant Nowadays.

They have outlined plans for a 5000-square-foot expansion which will allow them to host their parties in a permanent hometown space.

Thump notes that the space will include a dining and dancing area which can be utilised for listening sessions, film screenings, weekly live concerts co-presented with Le Poisson Rouge, interdisciplinary classes, and a new menu created by chef Henry Rich of Rucola, Fitzcarraldo, and the Commissary.

Their first goal is $50,000 which will support them permitting and licensing the space. Beyond that, $100,000 is the second target which will allow they to buy two sound systems.

To donate, and check out the rewards (which range from label subscriptions to dinner for two) visit the Kickstarter page here. Find out more about the project in the video above.