Nurse With Wound, Merzbow, Keiji Haino and Pan Daijing are coming to Berlin’s churches

Nurse With Wound

The series of special events has been set in motion by curator and producer Manuela Benetton

Beginning this April, a new, experimental programme will take up residency across a handful of Berlin’s churches. The inaugural event, which takes place on 28 April, will see English avant-garde pioneers Nurse With Wound (Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter, and Andrew Liles, with James Hill as special guest) play Sophienkirche in Mitte. It will mark the band’s first Berlin gig in a decade.

This will be followed by a show on 31 May at St. Elisabeth-Kirche featuring noise musician Merzbow, free improv trailblazer Keiji Haino and long-time collaborator, the drummer Balázs Pándi as part of a preview for Saturnalia Festival.

A subsequent event is set for 16 September featuring the first collaborative project between Pan Daijing, Valerio Tricoli (of PAN records) and Werner Dafeldecker, plus a performance by Argentine acousmatic musician Beatriz Ferreyra.

Addressing the overarching concept behind these events, the organiser explains: “It is about inviting local and international artists with different stage experience, styles and languages musically to perform in an immersive highly inspirational space different from any traditional concert venue.”