Robert Hood to release new album on Dekmantel, Paradygm Shift

The LP is set to be dropped as part of a project and marks the Dutch imprint’s 50th release

Last year, it was announced that Dekmantel and Robert Hood would be releasing the project Paradygm Shift over the course of three EPs and an album.

It’s now been revealed that the album’s release has been locked in for 22 May.

The album will see Hood return to the style that defined his work in the early days, back in the 90s.

On the concept of the album, Hood said, “I felt it was necessary to reiterate as an electronic music artist who is bringing minimalism back in the forefront, and not to get lost in the melody. I want to get back to the simple repetitive programming that I’m known for, and to me it was returning to that and shifting the listeners’ focus.”

The team behind Dekmantel have said, “Just like a lot of Robert Hood fans, we’re most enthusiastic about his older, minimal material… His Paradygm Shift music appeals to this period but has a modern feel to it, which makes it very exciting.”

Scroll down for the tracklist and Soundcloud teaser. The album is available to pre-order here.

A1. Robert Hood – Preface
A2. Robert Hood – Idea
A3. Robert Hood – I Am
B1. Robert Hood – Solid Thought
B2. Robert Hood – Nephesh
C1. Robert Hood – Pneuma
C2. Robert Hood – Pattern 8
D1. Robert Hood – Thought Process
D2. Robert Hood – Lockers (Extended)