Watch Jon Snow deliver his verdict on Stormzy’s GSAP

Jon Snow on Stormzy

“A modern-day Gandhi”

Some would say the older generation don’t understand us. They don’t understand the wants and needs of us snowflake millennials. Our hopes and aspirations. They just live in their ivory houses and keep charging us rent.

Let’s face it, old people don’t care about us. So they definitely wouldn’t understand Stormzy‘s Britain.

Apart from Jon Snow.

The living legend of a news presenter Jon Snow. The one who’s been presenting on Channel 4 for the longest.

The one who, in an interview on Reprezent, has shown that Stormzy is just as relevant to his life as ours. The one who can nod to Gang Signs & Prayer’s beats and agree that, yes, perhaps he is too big for his boots. Jon Snow understands the effect of the grime MC’s slow jams rolling in ‘like a great bank of fog’.

Snow gets that Stormzy, like a modern-day Gandhi, is indeed ‘reppin’ us.

Watch the video below of Jon Snow carefully analysing Gang Signs & Prayer.

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