Watch Klein’s haunting new video for With U

Directed by Stephen Isaac-Wilson, the visual features Klein in a smoke-filled haze with Kahlia Bakosi

Klein has unveiled the video for With U today (10 April).

The Issac-Wilson directed video shows a series of grainy clips in which the artist appears in a smoky haze of fires. Singing from the backseat of a car, the video depicts Klein illuminated with aqua-toned light.

On the video, Klein tells Crack, “The video was pretty much about kinship, with a lot of CBBC and early 2000s pop vibes. I really wanted to present this quick, dark song about being there for a friend with a video that was accessible for me and my friends.”

With U is the second track from 2016’s EP, Lagata.

In an interview earlier with Crack earlier this year, Klein said on her music, “Elements of it seem classical but also not, parts of it are like, off, and it’s the same with me. On the recent [Lagata] EP, where I’m singing I follow the formula of writing a pop song but then layer it with something that’s maybe more dark.”

Watch the video in the player above and read Crack’s interview with Klein.