Steffi will deliver the next instalment of Fabric’s mix series

The Dutch-born DJ called upon her inner circle to contribute tracks to Fabric 94

Panorama Bar resident and electronic music tastemaker Steffi is behind the latest Fabric mix, which is slated for release on 16 June. Using Warp’s Artificial Intelligence CDs as her initial point of inspiration, she’s commissioned tracks for the new mix from close friends and collaborators.

On the mix, she said, “When Fabric approached me to do a mix CD, I wanted to do something special, so I approached my inner circle and some of my favourite producers to ask if they wanted to produce a track specially for this project with a certain mindset. I have always been a massive fan of Warp’s Artificial Intelligence CD’s and this was a starting point in terms of atmosphere.”

She continues, “My initial thought was to step away from beat mixing completely and let the atmosphere set the tone, but when the tracks started rolling in, it naturally shaped up as a fully mixed CD.”

Naturally, there’ll be a launch party on 3 June. Steffi herself will be taking over the decks, and she’ll be joined by the likes of Dexter, Head High, Voiski, Virginia, Terry Francis and more. You can find more info and tickets here.

Peep the new artwork and tracklist below. Pre-order the mix here.

1. L.u.c.a. – Echo 1
2.Voiski – Sound of distance
3. STFSHD – 1.5
4. Unbalance – Freedom
5. Doms & Deykers – No life on the surface
6. Answer Code Request – Forking path
7. Dexter – 66
8. 214 – Sound moments
9. Mesak – Commonaukko
10. Duplex – Voidfiller
11. Late Night Approach – Poison valley
12. UAS – World gets crazy
13. Afik Naim – Saturniidae
14. Dexter & Virginia – Off the beat
15. Privacy – Broke