Watch Lana Del Rey’s new video for Lust For Life starring The Weeknd

The two dance on top of the ‘H’ of the Hollywood sign

Earlier this month, Del Rey shared a message on Twitter stating that “the video with Starboy is out soon”, and recently revealed that the video would be released today (22 May).

Now, the video has been posted to YouTube and the lo-fi visual depicts scenes with a vintage aesthetic of Del Rey climbing up the ladder to meet up with Abel Tesfaye – otherwise known as The Weeknd – at the top of the Hollywood sign. During the video, he takes off her ribbon – which somehow turns into a ship – and encourages her to slide down the sign.

The release date for the album Lust For Life is yet to be announced, though rumours have been circulating that it’ll be released on 26 May.

Watch the video in the player above, and check out Del Rey’s announcement below. Read up on how the concept of the video draws parallels to the suicide of the infamous actress Peg Entwistle.