Watch Solange’s Luniz-quoting acceptance speech from the Webby Awards

She had a five word limit – so she made it count

On Monday night (15 May) in New York, Solange accepted her Webby award for Artist Of The Year from African-American painter Kara Walker. Like Walker, Solange explores race, blackness and identity in her work.

The awards ceremony imposed a five word minimum on all winners’ acceptance speeches. In the case of Solange, this imposed brevity stoked some creativity – taking to the stage to receive her trophy, she quoted Luniz’ seminal 90s track, I’ve Got Five On it.

In a statement published on their site, the Webby Awards praised Solange for her online influence: “Not only is Solange one of the greatest artists of our time, but she’s also a true artist of the online generation.”They also spotlighted her online platform Saint Heron. “Saint Heron is an unparalleled celebration of cultural diversity and the evolution of music; and it’s through this platform that Solange has provided a completely new and unique space for collaboration between artists, as well as a large audience for creative expressions by artists of colour.”