KeithCharles – Thank You, Tracee Ellis Ross

As one of the founding members of Atlanta-based rap collective Awful Records, KeithCharles has provided beats for every artist in the crew, including Father’s Bet Uncut and ABRA’s Come 4 Me from her debut EP Princess.


In 2014 he stamped his mark as an artist in his own right with Drink My Spit. A deceptively unyielding track, it grafted samples from M.I.A. and Gucci Mane into the stripped back production. What’s more, Drink My Spit clearly caught the attention of the right people – M.I.A. has snapped up the Tampa, Florida-born rapper for her forthcoming Meltdown Festival. Switching Atlanta for NYC, he has continued to experiment with his sound as well as cultivating not-so-side hustles as a video director, DJ and model/actor.


Following on from the lead single Little Pisces Baby from his upcoming EP & The Bees, we’re excited to premiere the video for Thank You, Tracee Ellis Ross. Taken from Me In Heaven, Me In Hell, Vol 2, the visual portrays lo-fi scenes of the artist hanging out at FOMO-making parties – as well as the more introspective mornings that come after. In short, the perfect visual accompaniment to the hazy track.


Catch KeithCharles at M.I.A.’s Meltdown Festival on 16 June.