Goldie rails against the state of London’s clubs: “They’re all gentrified”

In an interview for i News (27July) Goldie once again weighed in on a clubbing landscape that he perceives as falling into disrepair

The producer and heavyweight of London club culture did not hold back when voicing his opinion on the current state of the capital. Referring to London’s clubs, he stresses “[It’s] bollocks. They’re all gentrified. Gentrification has fucked clubbing. If you’ve got to get searched with someone’s finger up your arse to search for a pill just so you can go and see some live music, there’s something very wrong with the system. Because the last time I checked, this wasn’t an airport.”

It isn’t the first time Goldie has broached this topic. Last year, during the backlash that ensued after Islington Council announced it would permanently revoke nightclub Fabric’s license, Goldie was equally indignant: “I’m wondering whether or not the likes of me, the likes of Jazzie B, Norman Jay, Pete Tong for that matter, should just trade out MBEs, melt them down and put them in a pencil-pusher’s coffee, so it can taste a little bit sweeter for him today, so he feels more successful in killing counterculture and culture itself.”

Fabric re-opened in January this year with heightened security measures and a ban on people under 19 years of age.