Listen to Lana Del Rey’s new dreamy tracks featuring A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti

Summer Bummer and Groupie Love premiered on Beats 1 today

After sharing a series of teasers, Lana Del Rey’s two new collaborations with A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti and production by Boi1-da aired today (12 July) on Beats 1. They’ve also been released online, along with the tracklist for Lust For Life.

On working with Rocky, Del Rey told Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, “I thought no one was more particular than me. With reverbs and everything, he knows what he wants.” She also admitted that the rapper is “more fashion forward than me”.

During the interview, she Facetimed A$AP Rocky and Boi1-da with Lowe, and revealed that she’s Facetimed Lil Yachty before for “about 15 minutes” in which they discussed Amsterdam, and the time he lost his bag.

Lowe speculated that the star dresses down more as opposed to the early beginnings of her career. “I felt like I had to be more on. Now I just don’t do it as much,” she explained on her image, adding that now she has “more time on the record.” As for the context of the forthcoming album, the singer speculated, “It’s the first time in ten years that I feel that culture, and socially, things are shifting… I definitely wanted to give more.”

On the tracklist, she explained that the middle section, consisting of White Mustang, Summer Bummer and Groupie Love, is “not that fast but the beats are hard.” Yosemite, a track she’s mentioned in previous interviews and which she’s described as an “idealistic return to nature”, will no longer be on the tracklist. Furthermore, Del Rey has admitted that there are four cuts that “didn’t fit in with the aesthetic of the record” but that she’ll “do something with them”.

Del Rey and Rocky have connected before on the singer-songwriter’s National Anthem video, starring Rocky as John F. Kennedy. Previously, the two have collaborated on the 2012 track Ridin’, which was initially slated for release on The Kickdrums’ mixtape Follow the Leaders. However, it was leaked and subsequently pulled from the mixtape.

Lust For Life will also feature guest appearances from Stevie Nicks, Sean Lennon and The Weeknd. Lana’s fourth studio album is out on 21 July.

Listen to Summer Bummer in the video player above. Catch the new tracklist and Groupie Love below.

01 Love
02 Lust for Life [ft. The Weeknd]
03 13 Beaches
04 Cherry
05 White Mustang
06 Summer Bummer [ft. A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti]
07 Groupie Love [ft. A$AP Rocky]
08 In My Feelings
09 Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind
10 God Bless America – And all the Beautiful Women in It
11 When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing
12 Beautiful People Beautiful Problems [ft. Stevie Nicks]
13 Tomorrow Never Came [ft. Sean Ono Lennon]
14 Heroin
15 Change
16 Get Free