Nina Kraviz to reissue seminal album by influential Russian band Species of Fishes

The Russian duo’s 1996 album Trip Trap will be the GALAXIID’s first release

Earlier this year, Nina Kraviz announced plans to launch a new ambient sublabel, GALAXIID. To inaugurate the label, Kraviz has chosen to reissue Trip Trap by Species of Fishes. Generally unknown outside of Russia, the duo – made up of Igor Kolyadny and Vitaly Stern – were one of the country’s leading electronic groups in the 90s. Trip Trap, their second album and the record that’s commonly held up as their seminal work, will be reissued on 28 July.

Last month (June), the Russian DJ announced her first solo EP Pochuvstvui.

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01. [Init]
02. Health 100%
03. [Ctrl+S]
04. Bfg9000 Vs. Barons Of Hell
05. [Esc]
06. [Alt+Tab]
07. The Web
08. [Backspace]
09. Crash Recovery
10. Access Depth

(via Resident Advisor)