Read an interview with Richard D James and ex-Korg engineer Tatsuya Takahashi

Aphex Twin and Korg link up via Warp and get into the technical nitty-gritty, as well as share a new track called Korg Funk 5

Warp are hosting an in-depth conversation between Richard D James and former Korg engineer and Yadastar consultant Tatsuya Takahashi, in a meeting of two minds that go about as deep as anyone when it comes to electronic music making.

The pair discuss the Korg Monologue synthesizer, microtuning, and dreams, plus we learned about the western world’s standardisation of sound frequencies in the 1940s, hear their thoughts on convention vs good design, and James tells what it is about the process of getting accustomed to new gear that keeps him interested: “I think I have to be learning something when making tracks, even if it’s something very small. If there’s no learning involved, I wouldn’t get excited enough to do anything.

They also share several experimental snippets and a full track called Korg Funk 5 which, as RDJ states in the interview, features his son on vox. Listen to the track via the player above.

Check out the full interview at Warp.