David Bowie’s character returned to ‘Twin Peaks’ last night

FBI agent Phillip Jeffries appeared through a recounted dream sequence.

David Bowie’s character in Twin Peaks returned to the show last night (13 August), appearing when Gordon Cole (played by the show’s director David Lynch) recounted a dream the details of a dream he’d had to Albert Rosenfield (played by Miguel Ferrer).

The footage of Bowie was taken from his role in the 1992 Twin Peaks prequel movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Harry Goaz, another actor from the Peaks cast, had previously told the press that Bowie was set to appear in the 2016 reboot, reprising his role as FBI agent Jeffries.

Lynch also dedicated the episode to Bowie, with a title at the end of the show reading, “In Memory of David Bowie.”

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