Petit Singe – Akash Ganga (Aïsha Devi Necromedia Remix Video Edit)

If you’re not familiar with the work of Italian producer Hazina Francia, allow us to make some introductions. As Petit Singe, Francia has harnessed her love of polyrhythms and thunderous, weaponised bass to create artful, expansive soundscapes. As demonstrated by her Haunter released LPs Tregua and the recent Akash Ganga, it’s thrillingly produced and viscerally powerful, but what really distinguishes her work from the black-clad, post-club crowd is the way she draws on her own Indian heritage to introduce tabla polyrhythms and a striking spiritual dimension to those blindsiding blasts of sub-bass and cavernous reverb.


To help push her remarkable sound in even more unexpected directions, Francia has recruited a number of producers who share to her particular vision. Certainly, the decision to have Danse Noire boss Aïsha Devi to reinterpret key track, the titular Akash Ganga, is inspired. Devi, a Swiss-Tibetan singer and producer has long explored the connection between boundary-pushing club sounds and spiritualism to create strange, experimental music.


We’re excited to be hosting the exclusive premiere of the video for this singular Necromedia remix – to give it its full name, Akash Ganga (Aïsha Devi Necromedia Remix Video Edit). Directed by Jacopo Farina, the visual is a dread-laden visual that abstracts hallmarks of industrial space into a claustrophobic, dry-iced out trip.


Akash Ganga Remixes is out 1 September on Haunter Records.