Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike is selling anti-Confederate merch

In response to the Charlottesville rally

The Run The Jewels rapper has released a collection of anti-Confederate merch in response to the Charlottesville rally and the subsequent debate on the existence of Confederate statues. The collection includes t-shirts, a hoodie and a mug that shows the USA winning one point over the Confederacy on a scoreboard.

Earlier this week, the artist posted a video, in which he called Donald Trump a “casino owner masquerading as the United States president”.

In response to Trump condemning the removal of the statues, the rapper implored him to not “cheer for the team that was trying to break up the country that you’re now in charge of leading.”

“I just don’t want to look that fucking stupid to the world so please stop saying that stupid shit and at least have a fucking argument that makes sense,” he continued.

A display of white nationalism and neo-Nazis, the Charlottesville rally took place on 12 August in Virginia, during which anti-racism activist Heather Heyer was killed by white nationalist James Field.

See the collection and Killer Mike’s video below.