Severed Heads to reissue Come Visit The Big Bigot on Dark Entries

There’ll be two special releases from the label this September

Josh Cheon’s label Dark Entries has announced the reissue of Severed Heads’ 1986 album Come Visit The Big Bigot

All songs on the double LP have been remastered by band member Tom Ellard. Via the group’s Bandcamp page, Ellard said, “Bigot was made on a Fostex 16 track recorder in my bedroom, and while the quality was OK for the time but never quite strong enough for my tastes.”

Furthermore, Dark Entries and Serendip Lab will be releasing a retrospective, entitled Prototech, on German trio Hypnobeat. Founded by James Dean Brown, the electronic outfit formed in 1983 and was made up of members Pietro Insipido, Victor Sol and Tobias Freund. Later, Brown went on to form Narcotic Syntax, and continued to channel Hypnobeat’s “new tribalism”.

Come Visit The Big Bigot and Prototech are both slated for release on 20 September. View the tracklists and listen to the clips below.

A1 Come Visit The Big Bigot
A2 Twenty Deadly Diseases
A3 Army
A4 Phantasized Persecutory Breast
A5 Casey’s Ion
A6 Propellor
B1 Confidence
B2 Sam Loves You
B3 Strange Brew
B4 Harold And Cindy Hospital
B5 Legion
C1 Harold And Cindy Hospital (Casualty Mix)
C2 Twenty Deadly Diseases (Extended Mix)
C3 Disease 22
C4 Disease 23
D1 Son Of
D2 George The Animal
D3 Nature 10
D4 Propellor Three (Kamikazee Mix)

A1 The Arumbaya Fetish
A2 Moon Jump
B1 Slash! Buffalo Eats Brass
B2 Kilian
C1 Donna’s Gift #2
C2 Can God Rewind?
D Mission in Congo