David Bowie replaced cocaine with Coronation Street for show intervals

It’s been revealed that the icon timed his breaks so he could watch episodes of Corrie

David Bowie: A Life, written by GQ editor Dylan Jones, has been published today (7 September). Featuring over 180 interviews from Bowie’s friends, partners and collaborators, historian and travel writer Rory MacLean – who met Bowie in the late 70s – has revealed that the star used to watch episodes of Corrie on tour to keep his energy levels high. According to iNews, Bowie timed the intervals of his shows so he could watch an entire episode.

“The thing that I found fascinating was the interval during the show, which happened after about 70 minutes,” MacLean said. “So how does a performer retain that energy during a 20-30 minute break without resorting to drugs?”

“What Bowie would do is go to the green room and sit down with a VHS and watch Coronation Street. Every night. I thought, this is glorious!”

He added, “Seven-eighths of his brain were still in a tense state, ready to go back onstage but the front part was watching Coronation Street.”

Previously, MacLean has written articles about his time with the artist. Last year, he contributed an article to The Guardianin which he detailed how Bowie moved to Berlin in the mid-70s in the grip of a cocaine addiction.

(via iNews)