Edinburgh promoter leaks bizarre series of threatening texts

Abstrakt have shared screenshots of abuse from Jeremy Underground’s agent

Parisian DJ Jeremy Underground has been dropped from Edinburgh promoter Abstrakt’s launch party, following emails and texts of abuse from his agent. A post has been published today (13 September) detailing how the booking agent demanded to have Jeremy Underground’s accommodation upgraded.

While Abstrakt initally complied, it was later demanded of them to specifically book the Sheraton Grand. As they refused, Jeremy Underground’s booking agent, Lionel Marciano, became abusive.

The post explains: “The agent did say that the artist would reimburse us for 2 of the 3 nights at this hotel, but given that the Sheraton Grand’s cheapest room was £614 per night, we stood to lose £614 + £788 + £149 = £1,551 on the artist’s hotel room alone.”

“After pleading with the agent that we already stood to lose thousands of pounds on this event (aside from the £1,551 on wasted hotel rooms) and were promoting it for a love of music, the scene and admiration for the artist, we were again told that the artist really needed to stay in the Sheraton Grand as ‘this will in turn provide the best possible performance’.”

In a series of emails Marciano threatened to bite the team, telling them: “believe me you are going to loose some blood!”

Furthermore, a series of texts sent to Abstrakt read: “You want to fuck us?”, “I am on your case” and “Make the payment”.

See the screenshots and read the full post below.