Jeremy Underground responds to hotel controversy: “I just want my comfort”

His agent threatened Edinburgh promoter Abstrakt after they refused to book the artist a night at the Sheraton Hotel

Earlier today (13 September), Abstrakt leaked screenshots of Jeremy Underground’s agent threatening to “bite” them. In a series of emails, agent Lionel Marciano said: “believe me you are going to loose some blood!”.

The messages came after Abstrakt refused to upgrade Jeremy Underground’s hotel accommodation to the Sheraton. In response to the threats, Abstrakt have dropped Jeremy Underground from their launch party this Friday (15 September).

Jeremy Underground has now responded to Abstrakt’s post. In a Facebook entry, he said, “My agent got a bit angry. And yes things got out of control. I know he already apologized to the promoters.”

“I apologize on behalf of him aswell. I understand the anger – and I’m the first one in this whole situation to feel fucked – But insults are never a good choice.”

He added, “I just want my comfort. I’m a stressed-out dude, I want my sauna the day after the gig.”

Read his full response below.

Update: R-T Agency, who represent Jeremy Underground, have published a statement online addressing the situation. In an online statement, they said, “Abstrakt agreed to meet our needs and all was settled, but in the end, it was not done. When trying to fix the issue, Abstrakt shut us down, immediately canceling the gig, just a few hours before the departure and a few days before the gig.”

They added, “We offered to amend these issues with the hotel and move forward, but it seemed they had another agenda in canceling. This is in fact a breach in agreement – they left us with no ‘real’ reason as to cancelation.”

The post ends with an apology: “With all that being said, the words used on our end were not justified and for that, we apologize. They do not represent us or artists well – our apologies have since been sent to the promoter as well and we are hoping to move on from this.”

Read the full statement.

Update (14 September)

Abstrakt has taken to Facebook to state that both Jeremy Underground and RT Agency have apologised.

The DJ also asked the agency to refund his fee and reschedule another date, which he will play at for free.