Is LCD Soundsystem’s black screen a coded tribute to David Bowie?

People have been pouring over the lyrics of the american dream closer, and there’s seemingly much reference to the late, great genius

Firstly: I had fear in the room / So I stopped turning up. In recent interviews Murphy has described feeling out of place when joining sessions for David Bowie’s Black Star, and his regret at this is noted.

Murphy has also mentioned, in interviews with Annie Mac and others, that his relationship with Bowie was often via email. People have understandably connected that to the lyrics: Been saving email trails / Kept together / I read them back sometimes

Some commenters have also noticed potential nods to Bowie track titles in the final verse too. From the station (Station to Station)/Earth one from satellites (Space Oddity, Looking For Sattellites).

The album is out today. Read Crack’s review here and read the full lyrics for black screen here.