Dave addresses Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May and Donald Trump in Question Time

“At Grenfell Tower your response was ridiculous”

Recent cover star Dave has released a video for the new track Question Time. Directed by Nathan James Tettey, the seven-minute visual sees the South London rapper lay down his verses in front of a crew of cameramen and news clips displayed on screens. At the end, the video states that the music was inspired by Devlin, James Blake and The Weeknd.

The track addresses a number of politicians, including Theresa May, David Cameron, Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn. He asks May a series of questions throughout, such as “How are you so wasteful when people are dying in Somalia / Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya?“, “So where’s the discussion on budgets and wages?” and “How do we spend so much money on defence / And weapons to wage war when the NHS is dying?

He also sends the reminder to May that “we live in Great Britain, not in Donald Trump’s America“, and calls her lack of response to the Grenfell Tower fire “ridiculous”. On Cameron, he highlights how the former Prime Minister left his position in the wake of Brexit: “You fucked us, resigned, then sneaked out the firing line“.

Furthermore, Dave highlights his apprehension with the Labour party and his trust issues with politicians. The last verse, dedicated to Jeremy Corbyn, goes: “Honestly, I wanna put my trust in you / But you can understand why if I’ve got trust issues / Do you really have the faith of your party?

On the video, the rapper tweeted, “There’s been a lot I’ve been watching in the world for the past year that I haven’t said which I feel like I need to say. So here we are”. His new EP Game Over is out on 3 November.

Watch the video via the player above, and read Crack’s cover story with Dave.