Arcadia announce tenth anniversary show

The organisers will be marking Arcadia’s tenth anniversary by bringing its 50-tonne Spider stage to London on 5-6 May, 2018.

The organisers will be teaming up with LWE for the two-day event. It’s set to be The Spider’s first London show and attendees can expect to see 50-foot fireballs, Tesla performers shooting lightning from their bodies and 360 degree animatronics.

Built from recycled military and industrial hardware, the fire-spitting animated sculpture and stage makes an appearance at Glastonbury each year. Other stages helmed by Arcadia include The Afterburner and The Bug.

Arcadia founders Pip Rush and Bert Cole said in a press statement, “We can’t wait to bring Arcadia into the capital for the first time. Having toured the globe, we’re really excited to get back onto home soil, and celebrate the best of the past decade.”

Acts are yet to be announced. Head to Arcadia’s website for more info.