Birmingham’s The Rainbow Venues has its license revoked

Update: The Rainbow Venues have posted a statement to their Facebook page, calling for a reform of the UK’s drug policy and announcing that they will be appealing the revoked license.

“There is a global society issue, this won’t be the last drug related death on licensed premises. We can’t lie. We didn’t lie. This will happen again and again.”

“There needs to be a universal, collaborative approach to the UK’s drug problem. Lets educate and not be so quick to revoke licenses that practice the correct policies.”

“There is unfortunately a catastrophic consequence to The Rainbow Venues pillar, The Rainbow Warehouse-losing its ability to trade. It subsided many of our spaces and provided cash flow, so we could generate new ideas and finance people we believed in. The loss of this venue could ultimately lead to the demise and financial ruin of Spotlight, Mama Roux, Cafe Colette, The Arena and Digbeth Dining Club may have to seek a new home. We will have to flush 13 years of hard work graft and dedication down the toilet. Some of the evidence provided in the hearing wasn’t factual.”

“There was NOT a 15 year old in The Rainbow Warehouse. We did NOT breach any of our licensing conditions. On this basis we will be appealing.”

Read their full statement below.

1.30pm (GMT): Birmingham City Council have permanently revoked The Rainbow Venues’ license to operate, following the death of 19-year-old Michael Trueman on Halloween.

A security guard at the venue contacted medical assistance after seeing Trueman emerge from the toilets in a disorientated state. He fell into a drug-induced seizure as he was rushed to the hospital.

Situated in Birmingham, the venue could potentially be forced into closure before 2018. This is the second drug-related death at Rainbow Venues as in 2015, 18-year-old Dylan Booth died after a New Year’s Eve celebration. Following his death, drug-sniffing dogs were brought in.

West Midlands Police representative Abdool Rohomon said, “The most stringent measures are in place, yet drugs are still being consumed inside the venue. We have no option but to call for Rainbow’s license to be revoked. This is the second drug related death at the venue in two years and we have evidence that a 15-year-old boy has been admitted to the venue.”

Councillor Alex Buchanan, chairman of the committee stated, “We have a duty to protect public safety. There has been two deaths in less than two years. The most stringent measures in the city have been introduced at the club but only last month there was another death through drugs. The committee has no option but to revoke Rainbow club’s license.”

Rainbow representative Matthew Phipps denies there being a 15-year-old boy at the venue. He said, “We have the most stringent measures in place including CCTV, sniffer dogs and searches in the queue and random searches inside and we propose to increase this even further by installing CCTV inside the toilets as this has been seen as a problem.”

“However, some customers do use the most extreme measures to smuggle drugs including putting pills in car keys and also intimate places in their body. We simply can’t guarantee that no drugs will ever get through but our measures will be the tightest it can be.”

The Rainbow Venues have 21 days to appeal the decision in court.