Björk to make Utopia available to fans using Bitcoin

The pioneering artist has revealed more details about her upcoming album Utopia, due out on 24 November via One Little Indian.

Upon its release, the album will be made available to purchase using Bitcoin, Audiocoin, Litecoin and Dashcoin. Teaming up with British blockchain startup Blockpool for the cryptocurrency process, CEO Kevin Bacon said in an interview with Music Ally, “People have done things with crypto and artists before, but this is the first time a global artist has done anything like this. While it will be interesting to see how the crypto community responds to this, Utopia is also a gateway for people to go into crypto for the first time. Björk is the best artist in the world we could imagine doing this.”

“This really isn’t a marketing strategy with Björk. This is a decision to be a leader. In fact, it’s just the obvious thing to do for her. If I wasn’t involved in this project, I’d expect Björk to be a leader in this area, and for her team to be doing creative things with crypto. So we’re not going to give her a menu of creative ideas,” he added.

Spanning 14 tracks, five of the album’s songs have been co-written by Arca, and one will include a writing credit for Australian composer Sarah Hopkins.

Having previously worked on Vulnicura, Arca has co-produced the new album, save for one track co-produced by Halcyon Veil label boss Rabit.

The album has been edited and structured by Björk using ProTools, and a 12-piece Icelandic female flute orchestra was formed for the forthcoming release.

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