Honey Dijon reworks Sylvester’s Stars for Smirnoff campaign

The Chicago-born producer has reimagined Sylvester’s disco classic Stars for Smirnoff’s We’re Open campaign.

Additionally, the artist has released a Cosmic Energy Dub which can be downloaded for free via her Soundcloud. It’s set to be released on vinyl in early 2018 via Classic and Dijon has said she’s working on a “very special collector’s edition”. All proceeds of the sales will go towards LGBTQ+ charities.

Smirnoff’s campaign features non-binary artists and performers, such as Ballroom selector Kiddy Smile, British model and dancer Lucy Fizz, performance artist Xnthony and pop act Le Fil. We’re Open aims to create conversation and positive change within nightlife culture. Dijon’s rework of Stars soundtracks the video campaign, and features vocals from Australian artist Sam Sparro.

On the campaign, Dijon said, “A few weeks ago while I was on vacation in Bali, I received a call on the first day saying that Smirnoff were interested in presenting me in a campaign regarding diversity. At first I was hesitant, because advertising feels lately like it is trying to cash in on the visibility and adversity of transfolk in order to appear cool, relevant or inclusive to make a buck.”

“However, part of the agreement of me participating in this is that Smirnoff make a significant contribution to a charity supporting trans rights – you can find out more about what they’re doing with the LGBT Foundation here: lgbt.foundation. Hats off to Smirnoff for not only putting its money where its mouth is, but being genuinely interested in the awareness and importance of diversity.”

Speaking about her Cosmic Energy Dub, she stated that it’s “one for the DJs who continue to make nightlife such an inclusive space.”

Listen to the track below, and watch the campaign via the player above.

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